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Jacob Cruz


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Creative web developer specializing in front-end and back-end development of websites and applications using modern languages with the latest technology stack. Driven professional with broad technical skill set. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages. Able to multi-task and making quick, logical decisions to support rapidly changing environments.

Skills include

User Interface Design / Business Logic & Database Design / Testing, Debugging & Documentation / Online and Off-line Marketing Collateral

Technical Skills

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX / Perl / PHP / VBScript / ASP Classic and ASP.NET
  • Experience with Python / Ruby / Swift / ActionScript
Software Used
  • Visual Studio / Microsoft Office Suite (e.g. Word / Excel / Access / Powerpoint)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (e.g. Photoshop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver / InDesign / Flash)
  • CSV / SQLite 3.0 / MySQL / Microsoft SQL / Microsoft Access
  • Bootstrap / Skeleton / Foundation / / CodeIgniter / AngularJS / Zend Framework 2
  • Windows and WAMP Stack / Mac OSX / Ubuntu Linux & LAMP Stack


  • State University of New York
    SUNY College at Oneonta (2010)

    Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts
    Concentration in Film/Audio Production
    Minor in Computer Art

Experience ( History Below )

Responsibilities involved action planning, scheduling, exercising modern design and coding practices, database design/development, restoration and maintenance, logo and graphics design, and client relations from project start to finish

May 2012 — Present
"GO2Tech, Inc." and "Computer & Network Paramedics, Inc." (Springfield, PA)
Senior Web Developer

  • Managed projects as technical lead for design and development of mobile-friendly websites and web applications
  • Designed CSS & PHP templates/frameworks for co-workers to improve turnover time
  • Designed the GO2 company logo and website / re-designed CNP company logo and website
  • Created marketing material such as animations, ID cards, business cards, brochures, shirt designs, vehicle signage, wall ads, billboard signs
  • Designed and managed websites for local townships and municipalities in Delaware County
  • Designed & developed various custom CMS, CRMs, ID card membership & point-of-sale applications
  • Consulted on hacked client websites, data recovery and security

Nov 2010 — Apr 2012
"Information Systems Division, Inc." (Oneonta, NY)
Web Developer

  • Created marketing material such as logos, radio spot ads, ID cards, brochures, billboard ads
  • Produced billboard animations for ISD and its clients
  • Designed and managed the Oneonta city and town websites.
  • Provided website design & development, logo design, graphics editing & photography services to ISD and its clients

Dec 2009 — Nov 2010
"Sweet Home Productions" (Oneonta, NY)
Web Media Developer

  • Worked with videographers to produce video-rich websites for clients in the Sweet Home Suite
  • Produced radio spot ads for clients in the Sweet Home Suite
  • Provided website design & development, logo design, graphics editing & photography services to SHP and its clients



(516) 456-3782


  • Building websites since 1998
  • 5+ years in graphic design
  • 10+ years in web design/development
  • 5+ years developing web applications
  • 5+ years in photography
  • Experienced in business logic & database design
  • Proven ability to quickly learn and apply new frameworks
  • A proactive, self-motivated and objective problem solver adept in effectively setting priorities
  • Able to multi-task and making quick, logical decisions to support rapidly changing environments

Previous Clients

  • Laneya Wiles
  • BMW USA | Uptown Magazine
  • Catscape Productions
  • Headroom
  • GO2Tech
  • MoveMyBiz
  • Chic Chat
  • Cathleen Trigg-Jones
  • Prince George's Suite Magazine
  • Hair On Fleeek
  • Social Guardian Group
  • Community Arts Network of Oneonta
  • Profit Navigator
  • Bilotti Law Firm
  • Springfield Township
  • Springfield Township Library
  • Springfield Country Club Pool
  • Robert Wise Management
  • Cianfrani Lawn Care
  • SJ Thomas, Inc
  • Organic Endurance
  • Halligan Law Offices
  • How To Move An Office
  • Gibian, LLC
  • Oneonta Township
  • OneontaNY.COM
  • Sweet Home Oneonta
  • Insight Investigations, Inc.
  • McGarrigles Automotive
  • McNichol, Byrne, Matlawksi
  • TechnoKlean
  • Allstates Mechanical, Ltd.
  • Roy Lomas Carpets & Hardwoods
  • Network Paramedics
  • Ridpath's Auto Center
  • BBoying, Unabridged


May 2016 — Nov 2016
Chadds Ford Township (Chadds Ford, PA)

  • Recovered website from Palestinian hackers and improved security
  • Provided website security monitoring and consulting

Jan 2016 — Sept 2016
Main Line Telecommunications (Aston, PA)

  • Made functional & design updates to a call-scoring/monitoring application for a corporate call center in ASP.NET and MSSQL with Bootstrap framework for printable reports & data exports

Sept 2015 — Present
BeneServe / ACA Reporting Assistant (Aston, PA)

  • Designed, developed and maintained web application from scratch in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MySQL using Foundation framework for health insurance providers to manage Affordable Care Act IRS Forms

Jan 2015 — Present
Wendover Corporation (Media, PA)

  • Recovered Joomla! website from hack by Russian hackers
    • Involved consultation with FBI and tracking the hacker through activity logs, honeypotting malicious activity, finding & closing backdoors.
  • Developed lead-generation systems for email & online marketing, click-tracking and email tracking in core PHP, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL
  • Designed mockups for MoveMyBiz 2017 website relaunch

Sept 2012 — Present
Springfield Township (Springfield Township, PA)

  • Developed intranet applications and database applications for the township & police dept. from scratch using core PHP, xHTML, CSS, VBScript, MS Access and MySQL
  • Made compatibility updates to pre-existing applications for the Fire Dept. in FORTRAN
  • Designed the Springfield Township website with a maintenance system for township staff to make updates
  • Designed the Springfield Township Library website

Sept 2013 — Present
Social Guardian / Insight Investigations (Springfield Township, PA)

  • Recovered Joomla! website from hack by Russian hackers
  • Built CRM system from scratch for private investigators, insurance companies
    • Users can create/view/edit/delete claims, records & investigation reports
    • File upload / Video conversion / Thumbnail creation / Email notifications / PDF generation
  • Designed and maintained Social Guardian website

Dec 2012 — Aug 2016
Profit Navigator (Springfield Township, PA)

  • Developed a profit forecasting application from scratch for small to mid-sized business owners using PHP, jQuery, and MySQL. Migrated v3.0 from shared hosting to Ubuntu LAMP VPS with NodeJS, and Zend Framework 2. Designed the landing page for v3.0.

July 2013 — Present
Springfield Country Club (Springfield Township, PA)

  • Developed an ID card membership application from scratch and point-of-sale system for the Country Club Pool in core PHP, VBScript and MySQL with CodeIgniter framework
    • Equipped with COM-port cash drawer & USB barcode scanner, PVC ID Card Printer
    • Daily, monthly, year-to-date transaction & membership reports and inventory mgmt.
  • Designed and developed the Country Club Pool website with a calendar system and photo gallery in core PHP, MySQL, xHTML, CSS & jQuery

May 2011 — April 2012
Ommegang Brewery (Cooperstown, NY)

  • Developed Snommegang Sweepstakes lead generation system from scratch in core PHP, MySQL, xHTML, CSS & jQuery

Nov 2011 — Present
Prince George's Suite Magazine (Prince George, MD)

  • Recovered WordPress website from hack
  • Developed a new CMS with photo gallery and ad rotation in core PHP, xHTML, CSS & jQuery

Jan 2010 — July 2010
Peter Clark Student Rentals (Oneonta, NY)

  • Built the first version online directory listings from scratch for student rental properties CMS using CSV, PHP 5.2, xHTML, CSS

Oct 2009 — Oct 2010
Sweet Home Productions (Oneonta, NY)

  • Built the Sweet Home Suite online business directory using CSV, PHP 5.2, xHTML, CSS